Join the Overland Team: Make Sounds, Freak Everybody Out


Adam here! We are actively seeking a sound designer to join our team and work on our new indie game Overland.

We are also on a mission to build a more inclusive studio with more diverse teams, and so we strongly encourage applications from people from backgrounds that aren’t always represented in the games industry. If you fit this description or know people who do, we would be grateful if you could pass this posting on! I’ve got some more details about this toward the end of the post.



Overland is a turn-based survival game. It is still what we call a prototype, but if you imagine playing a board game where you move some figurines of civilians and monsters around a chessboard full of rubble, you might have some idea of what the game is like at the moment.

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Thanks ayebrows! I have posted some wireframes in the past.

And here is my most recent model :


skybug12, my best advice for starting to model the human form (aside from practicing drawing) is always use a reference. Even a rough drawing will help you out immensely.

Here are the plant girl refs. Her shape changed a bit once I got the basic form blocked in.


My other tip is to start modeling rough shapes first. Start with a cube, or a 6 or 8 sided cylinder. Add detail where needed to get the shape, but don’t start smoothing things until you’re happy. Every edge loop should have a purpose.